Info Needed/Want List
Her is the list of clip of tf's ar scenes i need to be named and have.

I want all in 320 X 240 Size and with good Quality and Sound.

Woman into Werewolf?
?  Devilman Lady ?

T-Rex Scene

Nijara into Adult Cat
Tenko and the Guardians of Magic

Tiger Growth?
? Anime

Man into Woman
? Movie ?

Man into Woman
? Dr. Jeckyl and Ms. Hyde ?

Man into Woman
? Movie ?

Man into Woman
? Movie?

Man into Woman
? Movie ?

All Tf Scenes and Fight Scenes of Cyber Werewolf
Metal Beast

Bronto-Bear Scenes
Galaxy Rangers

Man into Werewolf
(The Whole Fight Scene)
Celeberity Death Match
Halloween 1999

Ash into Pichachu

People into Animals