All characters, except Katrina, are copyrighted by whoever makes Batman. Katrina is copyright ME, Lord Mitchell. This takes place in Season One, the series on Cartoon Network.

Catwoman to Cat Woman.

Selena Kyle, alias Catwoman, had finally managed to do it. She was one hundred percent legit. She even managed to buy a small jewelry store. Of course, she robbed it every night, and returned the jewelry. But she did not know that her life would soon change, forever.

Selena Kyle was sitting in her apartment with her cat, Isis, when she heard a knock at the door. It was a police officer. Selena asked him, "What is the problem?" The officer responded, "Last night a museum was robbed. The robber was not seen, but her pattern matches that of Catwoman�s. Do you have a alibi?"

Selena responded, "Actually, yes. I could not have been robbing a museum, because I was out robbing a jewelry store." The officer�s mouth drops open. Selena continues, "However, I own the jewelry store, and my insurance specifically states that it is NOT insured against burglaries by Catwoman. I return the jewelry after stealing it."

The officer realizes, "That means that you can only be prosecuted if the owner, you, chooses to officially report the crime, and prosecute. Do you have a video?"

Selena responds, "Yes," and pulls out her video. It shows a traditional Catwoman burglary. It is clearly last night�s date, and was never reported. It is weird, but it is an airtight alibi. The officer leaves, and Selena wondered.

That night, Selena went to the closet. She pulled out a costume. It was her Catwoman costume. She quickly went to look over the city. As she wandered the streets, she saw a jewelry store with a damaged window. The window had a hole in it, exactly the way she normally used. Catwoman wondered, "What is going on. Would it be dangerous to enter? Would it be breaking and entering? Maybe I should leave? Nah!"

Catwoman walked in. Inside, she saw a startling sight. It was a real cat woman. The cat woman turned around. She was obviously a werecat, or something to that effect. Like Dr. Dorian�s creations, she had no clothes, but her fur covered everything. Also, her fur was black as night.

The cat woman said, "I�ve heard of you. You are Catwoman. I am Katrina, your worst enemy."

Catwoman asked, "What are you?"

Katrina explained, "I am a self-created werecat. I managed to steal the research of the doctor who created a werewolf, Milo, and the doctor who turned you into a cat, Dr. Dorian." Catwoman shivered. She had bad memories of the "Tyger" incident. Katrina continued, "I combined, and improved, both their formulas. I then tested the formula on myself. It was exactly what I hoped for. I can shift between forms at will. I have increased speed, strength, hearing, and smell, even in human form. The only problem is that full moons will force a transformation. Oh, one last thing. There is only room for one "Catwoman" in this town, and I�m it."

Katrina jumped at Catwoman, in an attempt to slice her head open, but Catwoman managed to partially dodge it. Catwoman was sliced in her left arm. Catwoman then pulled out her whip, and whipped Katrina. Katrina pulled back, and then laughed. She gloated, "You alone could never beat me. You would have to have three allies to beat�URK!" The "Urk" was because Batman, Batgirl, and Robin had all attacked her at the same time. Catwoman, meanwhile, was clutching her arm. It was bleeding badly. Katrina, knowing her weakness, quickly ran for her life. Unfortunately, she was successful.

Batman, meanwhile, went to check on Catwoman. He asked, "Are you okay? Who was that?"

Catwoman responded, "I�m fine, and that was Katrina. She used research from Milo and Dorian to turn herself into a werecat. She is completely under her own control, and has increased attributes. Look, I have to get back to my apartment. I keep the band-aids there. Bye." She left.

After she left, Robin said, "Pretty impolite. She did not even say hi. I mean, you have saved her life, and vice versa, numerous times. She could at least say hi. Seems pretty rude."

Robin faintly heard Catwoman yell back, "I heard that." Catwoman, who was at her apartment building�s door, thought to herself, "How could I have heard him? He is back at the store. It is a block away. He sounded loud and clear! Anyway, I need to go to bed." She did.

The next day, Selena went to her mailbox. She saw that she had an invitation to a party at Bruce Wayne�s manor. Selena decided it would be a nice party. It was always nice to see Bruce again. She did not know that Bruce Wayne was actually Batman.

That night, at the party, Selena ran right into Bruce. He was talking to a girl Selena had never met. Bruce turned to Selena and said, "Oh, Selena, this is Felicia. She just moved to town. I figured it might be nice to invite her."

Felicia turned to Selena, "Hello. Nice to meet you. I heard you like cats. I also like cats. I find cats rather fascinating. Why don�t we leave Bruce to talk with some of his other friends, and go talk about Cats?" Before Selena can respond, Felicia drags her away. Outside, Felicia turns to Selena and says, "Heard you were Catwoman once. Anything interesting happen lately?"

Selena responds, "Well, last night I discovered a werecat robbing a jewelry store. Stupid thing scratched me." Then Selena got suddenly realized something. She continued, "And unless I�m crazy, you are the werecat."

Felicia was very surprised. She exclaimed, "How did you know? I look different enough in were form to disguise my identity. Unless, nah, it couldn�t be. Anyway, figured anything else out."

Selena responded, "Now that you mention it, there are two things. A. Bruce Wayne is Batman." Felicia nodded. Selena continued, "B. I honestly have no idea how I know. How do you know?"

Felicia explained, "Scent matching. I match their scent. Anyway, before I leave, I want to tell you my plans. I want you to leave town. I want Bruce and to be the only �Catwoman� in this town. Bruce likes you, you know. Anyway, bye."

Selena was standing there with her mouth open, when Bruce came up. He asked, "What happened? You look surprised."

Selena explained, "That is because Felicia is the cat woman, Katrina, and knows that you are Batman." Bruce was shocked. Selena continued, "I also figured it out, but I don�t know how I know, and I have been feeling weird. Anyway, I better leave."

Bruce responded, "If you honestly are troubled, I could always use the Bat Cave to figure out if anything is wrong, but be careful. The next full moon is tomorrow night."

Selena responded, "Okay, but tomorrow." Selena left. At her house, she watched TV and was fascinated by the Meow-Mix commercial. She got even more worried, and decided to go to bed. When she went to sleep, she said good night to her cat Isis, who responded with good night. This gave Selena nightmares about the "Tyger" incident again.

The next morning, Selena woke up. She went over last night�s events, and was terrified. She quickly went straight to Wayne Manor. At Wayne Manor, Alfred greeted her, and asked, "Why are you here?"

Selena explained, "Bruce Wayne invited me to the Bat Cave. I figured everything out." Alfred shrugged and took her to the Bat Cave. In the Bat Cave, Selena received a full, and fully automated, medical exam. Afterwards, Selena sat down in a chair while Bruce and Alfred discussed the results.
Bruce began, "The research shows everything normal."

Alfred continued, "Well, there is a problem on the last page. The DNA results."

Bruce looked at them. He said, "That�s weird. The DNA is close to, but not identical to Selena�s normal DNA. I wonder." Bruce walked to a file cabinet and pulled out two files. He showed them, and Selena�s DNA, to Alfred.

Alfred asked, "Could that be right. It can�t be. Some of the DNA matches Selena�s DNA during the �Tyger� incident, and other parts of it match the DNA of that werewolf. Most of it matches the DNA of Selena, though."

Selena walked over and asked, "What does that mean? I overheard the entire thing. Funny thing is, I was over there in the chair you told me to sit in."
Bruce explained, "We have no idea what that means. Wait, there is one other problem." He showed Selena an image of her bloodstream. It showed a normal, average, bloodstream, except Selena thought she saw a weird molecule for a second, but it disappeared. Bruce continued, "We thought it was nothing, but when I think about it, it explains something, I think. Just one last thing I need to do." He looked at Selena�s arm. It had no wound! Bruce finished, "This explains it. Got any idea what it is?"

Selena figured it out. She explained, "If I think about it, the only explanation is that Katrina is contagious. When she scratched me, she infected me with her formula. Which means I am going to become a werecat. The only question is when."

Just then, night began. The full moon night. Selena suddenly clutched her head. She said, �I don�t feel too good." Then she began to transform. Yellow fur sprouted all over her body. Her nails changed into claws, and she gained claws on her feet. Her hands and feet both changed into a more feline form. She gained a tail. Her ears moved to the top of her head, and turned into cat ears. Her face gained a small muzzle, and her eyes turned into cat eyes. Her eyeteeth became fangs, and she gained four whiskers on her face. The transformation ended. Selena looked basically like she did during the "Tyger" incident. Her clothes had, unfortunately, been destroyed.

Bruce Wayne gasped. He asked Selena, well actually she should be called Catwoman now, one of the stupidest questions possible in this situation, "Are you okay?"

Catwoman gave him an annoyed look. She then sarcastically responded, "No, I am NOT okay. I have just been transformed into a werecat, again. My clothes have been destroyed, Katrina is probably coming to attack right now, and I have no idea how to reverse change myself back. Other than that, I�m fine."

Bruce Wayne said, "Okay, I should not have said that. Anyway, I better get into costume." He walked into a closet to change into Batman. Alfred, meanwhile, decided to talk with Catwoman, maybe cheer her up with a couple of jokes.

Alfred began, "You know, it is a real cat-astrophe for you to get turned into a cat woman."

Catwoman said, "That is the WORST joke I have ever heard."

Meanwhile, Bruce had finished changing into Batman. He asked, "When do you think Katrina is coming?"

Suddenly, the door burst open. Katrina was standing in the doorway. She jumped off the stairs, did a flip in midair, bounced off Batman�s head, and landed five feet away. Catwoman said, "I would give you a perfect ten�"

Katrina interrupted, "If you had ten fingers? That is a very bad joke. Anyway, are you ready to die? Batman is unconscious, and that dumb butler can�t do a thing. I�ll tell you what, let�s make a deal. We�ll have a one on one competition. Loser leaves Gotham forever. What do you say?"

Catwoman said, "I say, "Okay." She grabbed her whip, which she had kept in a dress pocket, and got into a fighting stance. Katrina copied her. The battle began. It is best described as a catfight. Katrina and Catwoman were equally matched. Finally Catwoman managed to kick Katrina in the stomach. Catwoman followed up with a right hook, and a gut punch. Katrina staggered back. Catwoman finished her off with a headbutt. Katrina was knocked to the ground. The fight looked like it was over.

Katrina said, "I surrender. I don�t believe you could win. I was not surprised, but I did not expect you to get turned into werecat. I realized it might happen when you could identify both Batman and me. Well, bye. Oh, and there is no cure. Sorry."

Katrina left, never to be seen again. Meanwhile, Batman woke up. He asked, "What happened, where is Katrina, and are you going to be okay?"

Catwoman responded, "I beat Katrina, she is gone, hopefully forever, as for me being okay, there is no cure. Things will never be the same again. I never should have gone into that store."

Alfred responded, "You know the old saying�"

Batman and Catwoman both said, "Don�t say it!"

Alfred said, "Curiosity killed the cat."

Catwoman groaned. She then said, "Look, I better get back to my apartment. Bye." She left.

Luckily for Catwoman, she returned to human form the next day. However, things never were the same again. She abandoned her Catwoman costume, switching to a simple belt with her whip on it. She also discovered that she was quite a bit stronger, even in her human form and could talk to cats. She had many more adventures, but those are for another day.

The End