The Pussycats are copyrighted by whoever makes them. The comics are by Archie comics, but I have no idea who makes the Cartoon, which this is based on. This takes place after Josie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space. I made up a couple of adventures for them, which I may or may not right about. Make up what happened on them.

Josie and The Pussycats Become Their Name

After the Outer Space adventure, The Pussycats returned to Earth. Sadly, they had to leave Bleep behind. They gave him to the Wonder Twins. On Earth, their most interesting adventure yet began. It started in Josieís backyard, where the gang was waiting for their next gig. Alexandra, Alexander, and Alan were all off doing stuff.

Melody was sad. She said, "Why did we have to leave Bleep behind, he was cute. Alexandra has a pet, why canít I?"

Valerie, who was fiddling with the new computer she received from Technopolis, responded, "Because Bleep is a space monkey. There would be immigration forms, the government would probably take him, and I donít think the neighbors would appreciate a blue monkey around."

Melody thought for a minute. She then said, "Yeah, but still, we went to so many planets, solved so many mysteries, Iím surprised no one gave us any gifts. Look, a penny." She bent down and grabbed the penny. Josie stopped her attempt at giving Melody a sleeper hold she learned on Alpha Centari. That was Melody all right.

Just then, a spaceship landed. Out came a blue alien with two heads, three arms, and a messenger uniform. He also looked slightly disgruntled. He was a U.P.S. agent. Universal Postal Service. He said, "Package for Melody. It is from Lycanthropia. This gift is for stopping the evil crime syndicate based on that planet." He handed Melody a package. The package had air holes, and mewed. Melody opened it. Inside this package was a female cat. Unlike Bleep, this cat looked identical to Earth cats. Its fur was jet black.

Melody immediately hugged the cat. She said, "Itís cute. Hey, it has a name tag." The nametag said, "Felicia." Melody continued, "Gee. What should I call her? I knowÖFelicia, after the name on the Name Tag." Everyone groaned. The messenger promptly left.

Valerie has a worried look on her face. She asked everyone an important question, "Wasnít Lycanthropia the planet with the were-creatures." Josie nodded. Valerie continued, "Wolfos, the leader of the crime syndicate, was a werewolf. In fact, if I remember correctly, the entire planet turned out to be lycanthropes. Thatís why they named the planet Lycanthropia. The Mayor was a werecat."

Josie responded, "You know, you are right. But what harm could a cat do? Itís not like it is a werecat in disguise sent by a associate of Wolfos, whose mission is to conquer the planet Earth."

Valerie said, "Iím gonna investigate something on my new computer. The one I got on Technopolis. The one with a universal encyclopedia, and the ultra-net."

Valerie went inside, taking her computer with her into the living room. Josie, also, went inside, into her bedroom. She needed to take a nap. Melody decided to go inside, because everyone else was. She started playing with Felicia in the guest room, but did not notice that Feliciaís yellow eyes had an evil gleam in them.

At about 5:50, Valerie had found some interesting information on Lycanthropia. She quickly got up to call Josie, but Josie had just entered the living room that Valerie was staying in. Josie said, "I just came to tell you that we need to start practicing. I heard that Alexandra, Alan, and Alexander are coming over. They got us a new gig. Oh, and make sure to get into uniform. I already told Melody to get into hers."

Valerie responded, "Okay. Kinda nice you came here. I was just about to get you. I have something important to tell you. I think I know a way to tell if Felicia is a cat or werecat. Just tap her with silver, but we need to be careful. If Felicia is a werecat, a single bite or scratch can transform you into a werecat. Whereís Melody?"

Melody, in uniform, walked in. She said, "Hi. Were you talking about me? I was looking for Josie to tell her I was in uniform. Oh, Hi Josie."

Valerie said to Melody, "Melody, you are just the girl Iím looking for." Melody looked behind her to see if there was someone else behind her. She knew she was considered a bit stupid, ditzy, and unreliable. Valerie continued, "I need you to tap Felicia with something silver. Just remember to wear thick gloves to protect you from a scratch, and donít worry the silver will only harm Felicia if she is an evil bad guy. Okay."

Melody responded, "Got it." She then went back to the guest room where she was staying. She then grabbed a silver candlestick and her thin drummer gloves, worn to prevent blisters. Melody then approached Felicia with the candlestick. She said, "Donít worry Felicia. This wonít hurtÖ"

In the living room, Valerie was worried. She revealed to Josie, "I am worried. I hope Melody remembered to wear thick gloves."

Josie assured Valerie, "Donít worry. You would have to be a ditzy, stupid idiot who could not even remember a password to wear thin glovesÖUh Oh." Valerie and Josie exchanged worried glances. Josie, in an attempt to get their minds off possible problems, asked Valerie, "Hey, will you explain were-creatures to me? I donít exactly get what they are."

Valerie explained, "Were-creatures, or lycanthropes, are human or alien beings with the ability to shift between human and animal shapes. Some, like the populace of Lycanthropia, also have a hybrid shape where they look like a humanoid animal. Were-creatures normally can completely control their transformation, but at full moons they are forced to transform. They also transform soon after being infected. Lycanthropy, being a were-creature, is spread by bite or scratch. This means that were-creatures are highly dangerous."

Just then Josie and Valerie heard someone yell, "Ow," a cat scream, then the same person yell, "Ow." They exchanged worried glances. They both said at the same time, "Uh-Oh."

Meanwhile, Melody had just touched Felicia with the silver candlestick. The cat had bit and scratched her, even before she had touched it. Melody didnít feel too good. She decided to go practice her drums with Josie, but her ears hurt. She also itched, and her feet and hands felt funny. She saw a restroom, and walked into it. Something was bugging her. Suddenly, Melodyís stomach started hurting real bad, and she felt very weird. Then the pain stopped.

Melody got up. She had fallen to the ground. She still felt weird. She just couldnít place it. She looked in the mirror. She said to herself, "Gee. My costume looks real realistic. I wonder when I made a facemask. Oh well, better go see Josie." As Melody left, the tattered remains of her destroyed costume fell to the ground.

Jose and Valerie were still talking. Josie asked, "Should we go check on Melody. What if she is hurt?"

Valerie responded, "If she is hurt, the wound would heal right up. If she is hurt, it is too late. She will turn into a werecat!"

Josie asked, "Will she be evil? I donít want to hurt Melody. She may be a bit dumb, but she is the best drummer we have. She also makes the costumes. Without her, we would not be the successful, and intergalactic, band that we are now."

Valerie answered, "Donít worry. I donít think she would be evil. She would probably just be slightly catlike. It is possible that she could be put under mind-control, but we could probably get rid of that easily. A werecat can only be controlled by the source werecat or its minions. Melody could only be controlled by whoever bit her, or whoever bit whoever bit her. Besides, I think there are chemicals that counter mind-control, but I donít know what they are."

Just then, the door to the living room opened. In the doorway stood a werecat. Its fur was of the same style as the Pussycats costumes, but the fur covered the entire body of the werecat. It was not wearing any clothes, but the fur also functioned to keep it decent. It said, "Hello." The voice was that of Melody!

Valerie yelled, "Melody! Is that you?"

Melody responded, "Of course. Why wouldnít I be Melody? Its not like I have been turned into a werecat by Felicia, who is actually an associate of Wolfos who was sent to conquer the earth."

Valerie answered, "Actually, you have been. Look at you tail. It is moving. Costume tails donít do that. Besides, we donít have facemasks."

Melody gulped. She then asked, "So, Iíve been turned into a werecat?" Valerie nodded. Melody finished, "In that case, can I have some tuna? Iím hungry."

Josie groaned. She asked, "What happened?"

Melody responded, "Well, I approached Felicia with a candlestick, and she sliced me. Like this." Melody raked her claws across Josieís face. Melody continued, "I bonked Felicia with the candlestick, and she bit my hand. Like this." Melody bit Valerie, and then finished up with, "And thatís what happened. Oops. Sorry." Josie and Valerie were transforming into werecats!

Josie and Valerie finished transforming. They then looked angrily at Melody. Before they could strangle Melody to death, the Pussycats all heard an evil laugh. In the doorway stood a jet-black werecat. The Pussycats gasped. They yelled in unison, "Felicia!"

Felicia laughed. She answered, "Yep. I am the one and only Felicia, the adopted daughter of Wolfos. I was sent to Earth to take it over. Now, bow down to me!"

Valerie taunted, "Why should we?"

Felicia answered, "You are my complete slaves. Wait a minute, you arenít. I donít understand. The only thing that can stop werecat mind-control is a gaseous mixture of Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide, with trace amounts of methane gas, radon, and carbon monoxide, with Ozone somewhere within five light-seconds. It also needs Carbon dissolved in it." Meanwhile, the Pussycats were rolling on the floor laughing their heads off. Felicia asked them, "Whatís so funny?"

Valerie stopped laughing long enough to say, "That is the exact composition of Earthís atmosphere. You picked a planet that is completely immune to your power."

Felicia stopped their laughing with a dire announcement. "Then I guess I will just have to kill you." The pussycats began running for their lives.

While this was going on, Alexander had entered the house to tell the Pussycats about a new gig. As he entered the house, he saw four werecats run past him from the living room, to the bedroom, to the kitchen. He ran screaming all the way from the house to the car yelling, "Alexandra! There are werecats in Josieís house!"

Alexandra, who was waiting in the car with Alan, laughed, "Yeah right. There is no such thing as werecats. There may be aliens, but no werecats." Josie, Melody, and Valerie ran from the house. Alexandra amended, "Maybe there are."

Josie ran to the car, grabbed Alexander, and hopped in, with Melody and Valerie close behind. She yelled, "Start the car! There is an evil super-villain chasing us, and I have no idea how to stop her."

Alan yelled, "Josie! What happened?"

Josie answered, "No time to explain, whoever is driving just start the car and put the pedal to the metal."

Felicia smashed into the car door and bent it inwards. Alan, who was driving, saw the wisdom in a strategic retreat and slammed on the accelerator. He asked, "Where should we go?"

Josie, suddenly getting an idea, answered, "The city dump. I have an idea."

On route, Josie, Melody, and Valerie explained the story. Josie was sitting in the front seat, right next to Alan. Alexandra and Alexander were in the back, with Melody and Valerie in between. During the ride, Alexandra asked if she could have Alan, since Josie had been turned into a werecat. She received a rather loud negative response. Soon the Pussycats arrived at the city dump.

When they arrived, Alan asked, "Do you think we lost Felicia?"

The question was answered when Felicia ran around the corner and stopped about three yards away from the Pussycats. She said, "It ends here. You will all die. I have been sent to avenge the defeat of my adopted father, Wolfos, at the hands of the Pussycats."

Alexandra answered, "Oh yeah, how are you going to do that. The odds are Six to One and you have no minions. What are you going to do, bite us to death."

Felicia said, "You know, I might just bite YOU to death." She launched herself at Alexandra. Alexandra, revealing that she had been taking judo lessons, flipped Felicia into the wall of the dump. Unfortunately, Feliciaís claws still raked Alexandraís arm.

Alexandra began to transform. Her fur was black and white striped. Also, her clothing was looser than Pussycat costumes, so it was just ripped a bit, not destroyed.

Josie snickered. Alexandra had made cat puns throughout the entire ride, so it was fitting what happened to her. Alexandra suddenly started screaming in pain. She pulled her earrings off, and dropped them to the ground.

Josie, realizing what happened, grabbed the earrings and threw them at Felicia. They bounced off Feliciaís head. Felicia screamed and fell unconscious. Josie was blowing on her hands, and Alexandra was still clutching her ears.

Alan asked, "What happened?"

Josie said, "It is simple. Alexandraís earrings were made of pure silver. Werecats are harmed by silver, just like werewolves. When I threw the earrings at Felicia, the silver in them knocked her unconscious. That is the end of that. Does anybody have a phone that can call the intergalactic police? We need to send Felicia to jail."

And so, the new adventure of Josie and the Pussycats came to an end. Felicia was put in jail, and the Pussycats got a new look. They had many other adventures, but those are for another day.

The End