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Aaron wolf

Mirage�s Revenge

    In the reaches of another universe there is a temple. The stone on the temple is the color of the sand that it was made of. The temple its self is huge when one stands next to it the fell like they are the size of a flea looking at its massive walls. Upon looking at the steps one can see the almost feline look of the feet. It resembles the ancient sphinx�s feet not only in color but also in size. As one looks at the temple they become impresses at its hugeness. After looking at the body one looks around and sees the fire cats that stand guard at the entrance. Their bodies are made completely out of red and white-hot fire their eyes two black coals in their faces. They look at the unwary traveler as their next meal. As one looks up the temple they see that unlike the sphinx the face on it is feline with its cold eyes looking back at you as if daring anyone to enter.

    Inside an ominous creature was walking around. The creature was actually a gray furred Anthromorphic feline. She was dressed in close fitting purple blouse that clung tightly to her skin. She had a loose fitting skirt on below her blouse that was the color of the evening sky it had washed out yellow band at the bottom of the skirt. The belt that connected the blouse and skirt was made of twenty �four karat gold. On arms were expensive looking gold bracelets. On her head she had a headdress like the queens of Egypt had when the pharos ruled that land. Her black silky hair flowed out of her headdress like a river flows across a plane. Her ears were in an erect position on her head the outsides was gray but the in sides were as red as blood. Her eyes were two coals that were surrounded by a green flame. Her nose was the color of cobalt and shaped like an upside down triangle. Her mouth was a thin black slit stood out on hr face. What could be seen of hands showed that she had ferocious claws. Her name was mirage.

    "Where is that spell book?" she growled as rummaged through various spells and potions.

    "I need the purrfect spell to extract my revenge on my foes," thought Mirage.

    As she was looking through an old box of spell books Mirage came across one that she thought look interesting. On the front it had several gold engraved pictures of women transforming in to different types of plants and animals. Around these transformations was gold heart that said my slave creations. Mirage fond that this was interesting enough that she deiced to look at the spell books table of contents. In the table of content Mirage saw these things as chapter headings: How to make you enemies love you, Mammals of the land, Mammals of the sea, Pest, Arachnids, Mythical and Magical, Other world Critters, Marine life, Gardening, Special transformational plants, and artifacts, and endowing your creations with magical powers. As Mirage flipped her claws through the book she Saw many spells that she would like to use on her enemies, but she had trouble figuring out which one she should use until she found a clone spell that would make enough copies of hr enemies to do all the spells twice. Also the copies would provide less restraint then the original had.

    Jasmine had just waked up to the sound of the Raja�s yawning. Looking around Jasmine could see the full moon over the desert and the stars still shining. She quickly light the torch in her room and inspected the room. She looked around the room but couldn�t see what had woken up Raja. Jasmine deiced that there was nothing wrong and went back to sleep. After jasmine was asleep the gray form of a cat could be seen in the moonlight slinking out the window.

    Jasmine was in a dark cave being chased by a hideous dark shadow. She ran through passage on her left. Suddenly she tripped over a rock and fell against the wall. Jasmine used the wall to climb up to he feet an, when she turned around she saw the shadow opening it�s mouth. As Jasmine looked on a light came from the shadows mouth the light got brighter and brighter blinding her with its dazzling light. Just as the light was about to engulf her Jasmine�s eyes flew open.

    Jasmine blinked from the light that was coming from her open curtains. Seeing by the sun that it was morning Jasmine set up in her bed and rub the sleepiness from her eyes. After stretching out her arms to get all of the soreness out Jasmine swung her legs over the edge of her bed and put her feet down on the floor. Jasmine then pushed off her bed and stood on the floor of her room. After putting her pants on Jasmine went to her dresser. At her dresser Jasmine put on some lilac perfume that her father had bought her. After that Jasmine went to her closet and got her shirt. After putting on her shirt Jasmine put on her jewelry. First she put on her headband, next she put on her gold earrings, but when Jasmine went to put on her necklace she couldn�t find it. After spending an hour looking for it Jasmine set down on her bed exasperated. Then she noticed out of the corner of her eye that there was a box on her nightstand. The box itself was a purple color and it was wrapped in gold ribbon. Attached to it was a card in the shape of a cat that said "To my lover". Jasmine gingerly opened the box and pulled out the paper sounding the gift. After all the paper was removed Jasmine could see her gift it was a new necklace. Jasmine pulled the necklace out to get a better look at it. As she did this the light reflected off of the its shiny black surface mesmerizing her. Jasmine could think of nothing else but how beautiful she would look in her new necklace. After putting on her new necklace Jasmine went to her bathroom to put on her make up.

    As Jasmine stood in front of the mirror combing her hair she made a quick glance down to her necklace were she thought she saw the necklace glow a crimson red. Thinking it was just her imagination Jasmine went on combing her hair. However as Jasmine was putting on her burgundy colored lipstick she noticed that the hairs around the corners of her mouth had grown longer and bushier.

    "That�s strange," Jasmine said out loud to her self "I just shaved yesterday and hair doesn�t normally grow on me there. I�ll have to shave it of "

    After Jasmine had said this she though she heard an inner voice say "Why would I want to do that the fur is a natural part of me, and the white color goes beautifully with my lovely black collar."

    Jasmine stated to nod her head in agreement, but then she said, "Wait a minuet why did I even think that." Getting scared Jasmine quickly grabbed a razor and shaved the freshly grown hair off.

    After Jasmine finished putting on her makeup she headed down the palace steps toward the dinning room for breakfast. As Jasmine walked down the palace hall she felt like she was being watched. Jasmine dismissed the felling as paranoia, but just behind her the eyes of one of the statues disappeared. When Jasmine got to the dinning room she noticed that she was the first of the palace inhabitants there because the huge oak doors to the dinning room were shut. To open the wooden doors Jasmine had to put both of her hands on the doors and push them open. As Jasmine started to do this she thought that she could fell her fingers sinking in to the rooms wooden doors. After she opened the door she realized that it was easier to open than normal, because she would usually have to go get on of the guards to help her open it. Not worrying too much about how easy it was to open the doors Jasmine went and took her place on the pillows near the table. As Jasmine was waiting on the other she casually put her arms on the table. When Jasmine did this she could see that her fingernails were an odd blackish silvery color. Not only had her fingernail some how changed color but they seemed to be a little larger and at the end they came to a downward curved point. Thinking that she should file them before any one else noticed Jasmine got out the silver tool that she had been given on her birthday and began to shape her nail in to a less dangerous shape.

    "Looks like raja had the midnight munchies," a male voice said from behind Jasmine.

    Jasmine quickly spun around and saw that Aladdin was standing by the doors inspecting the damage that Jasmine had done with her nails.

    "Oh, Aladdin I didn�t hear you come in" Jasmine said half truthfully. She had heard some one making a lot of noise coming down the hall. Although she didn�t think it was Aladdin, because he was usually so quite that he could sneak up on her a give her some kisses before she would know whom it was.

    "He must have smelled the raw steak that the cock was preparing for lunch," Aladdin continued.

    When Jasmine heard the mention of raw meat her mouth begin to water. Unconsciously Jasmine ran her tongue around the out side of her mouth. Jasmine�s mind now started to think of how good it would fell to track down her own fresh meat and eat it raw. She also saw herself in a strange building with glowing gold bricks in font of her were mice running for their lives. The mice she saw had strange purple glow to them and just as Jasmine was about to catch them in her claws she hard a voice call her out of her trance.

    "Jasmine, you alright?" Aladdin said.

    "I fine I was daydreaming and I am a little sick on my stomach," Jasmine told Aladdin

    "Here Jasmine take two of these, get lots of rest, and call me in the morning" Genie said "also here is a get well soon present"

    Jasmine took body size picture frame that had just appeared out of Genie�s hand "what dose this do?" Jasmine questioned.

    "It is a special picture frame that shows you what ever you ask it to show you" Genie said.

    "Are you sure that you are fine?" Aladdin asked

    "Don�t worry Aladdin I fell purrrfect" Jasmine said.

    After her brief conversation at breakfast Jasmine went up to her room to get some rest. When Jasmine got to her room the fist thing that she did was to decide where she should hang up her gift. After much deliberation Jasmine deiced to put the picture on the wall that was beside her bed. After Jasmine had hung her magical painting jasmine deiced that it would be a good idea to take a bath. When the guards brought her some water Jasmine slipped out of her clothes, but she left her new black necklace on. Jasmine then put her right foot in and then her left. Jasmine slowly lowered her self down to her knees putting her hands out to the side of her body to support her weight. After getting on her knee Jasmine lay back in the water and let her body soak after doing this for a few minuets Jasmine started to rub soap allover her body. Jasmine rubbed the soap around her face and then she slowly rubbed it down her neck and over her whole body only pausing a moment to rub the soap extra slowly over her breast. After Jasmine finished soaping up she put her whole body under water. As soon as Jasmine�s body came up out of the water jasmine reached for a washcloth. After getting the Jasmine started to wipe her body with it. After scrubbing for about an hour Jasmine still felt that she was not clean. Suddenly the weird inner voice called to her again this time it told her that she should use her tongue for cleaning the water off of her body. This time Jasmine decided to give in to the voice, because she felt extremely dirty and she started lick her arm. As Jasmine was licking her am she noticed two things had changed about her tongue. The first was her tongue was rougher than it use to be. She could tell this by the fact that her tongue was scraping against her skin. Second her tongue was longer and coming father out of her mouth than she had thought possible.

    After taking an extremely long bath Jasmine decided that she was feeling a little cleaner, and decided that it was time to get out of the bathtub. Therefore Jasmine licked the last of the water off her arm. When Jasmine grabbed the side of the tube to help her get out of the water out she noticed that her nails had once again turned black. Also there was a noticeable patch of white fur moving from the top of her hand and staring to move up her arm.

    By the time Jasmine had was able to fully stand up the white fur had grown up her arms and was now begging to grow across her breasts. For a minuet Jasmine stood in the tube marveling at what her body was becoming. One again Thoughts started to enter her head that were alien too her but felt so right. As Jasmine was having thoughts of being obedient to an unknown lover a smile slowly started to appear on her lips. Also jasmine hand slowly made it�s way toward her midsection. When Jasmine�s had was about at her belly button her mind gave her a strange picture. She saw two rubber clad forms laying in a bed. As the picture be came clearer Jasmine noticed that the room was made completely out of golden bricks. next Jasmine saw that the bed post were also made of gold. Still looking at the bed Jasmine noticed that the headboard had a heart carved out of the middle of it . Around the heart strange symbols were carved. Only one of them seemed even remotely recognize able to her. The symbol that Jasmine recognized look like two women who where kissing with the one on the left wearing a head dress of some kind. Jasmine had read in an ancient scroll that this was symbol of mastery over another woman. Beside the bed Jasmine notice that the sheets were crumpled. What was strange however was their color was black, but not a dull black like regular cloth sheets these sheets had a shininess that Jasmine hand never seen on covers. In fact they were so shiny that the light and nearly everything in the room reflected off of the black mirrors. As jasmine observed the bed more closely she notices that the pillow were out of the same strange materials that the beds sheets were. While looking at he pillows the two forms

    Became clearer. The first form Jasmine saw had its back turned toward her, but Jasmine could tell that it was wearing a shiny black suit. Another thing Jasmine noticed was the form�s black hair was done in the style of a French braid. Also she could tell two things were sticking straight up on the forms head. As the form started to shift its weight and turn toward Jasmine, she could see a pair of DD breast on the form. Jasmine was shocked by what she saw next. The females form had tuned so that she was laying completely on her back and as her head came into view a gray furred face could easily made out. Jasmine suddenly understood why the suit had to pointed thing on it head those were for Mirage�s to fit in. strangely Jasmine was jealous of the other form and thought that her place was in the bed with the feline woman. Jasmine was about to make her way to the bed when all of a sudden the other form came into clear view it was wearing the same suit that Mirage was so that it was hiding most of the forms characteristics. What Jasmine could make out was that the form was feline because it had the same pointed place on the head of the suit for her cat like ears. Jasmine could also see that the form was a female, because her breasts were slightly larger than Mirage�s. The last thing Jasmine was able to make out was that the feline girl had a ponytail that was almost the exact style of her own. Then Jasmine saw Mirage mouth something to the feline girl but she could not tell what mirage had said. The feline girl then moved her body and positioned herself in-between Mirage�s legs. When this was done Jasmine could finally see the face of the second girl. The fur on the girls face was white and her eyes looked familiar but it wasn�t until the girl started to bend her head down toward Mirage�s vagina that Jasmine knew who she was. As Jasmine had been watching this scene increasing warmth had stated to grow in side her. When Jasmine saw the girl move in position the warmth had increased to an inferno inside her. As the girl put her head down to Mirage�s vagina Jasmine saw a golden tag hang off of her collar she could only see three letters, but those three letters where enough to make the heat in her explode. The letters were J A S.

    Suddenly Jasmine�s eyes popped wide the feline girl had been her. Jasmine quickly jumped out of the tube realizing that her unknown lover was Mirage. After looking at where her hand was place just above her vagina Jasmine moved it. All of sudden Jasmine knew what had been happing to her and why. Mirage wanted her for a lover and had some how cast a spell to make Jasmine a catwoman just like her. Jasmine look at her body where her hand had been and as she looked down Jasmine notice that white fur had grown all the way down her to the top of her vagina. Jasmine ran quickly to the sink in her bathroom her mind was intent on grabbing the razor, and saving of all of the newly grown fur. The little voice in Jasmine kept pleading with her not to do it. Also the voice tried to convince her of how beautiful she was now that she had fur. Jasmine was able to resist the voice this time and get to her razor. As soon as she got her razor Jasmine started to shave off all off her newly grown fur.

    After about an hour of shaving Jasmine had gotten the white fur down to where it was just barely noticeable stubble. Jasmine then walked confidently out of the bathroom to her on room. When she got back to her room Jasmine accidentally looked at the picture frame that genie had given to her. At first she thought of telling the picture to show her a portrait of her boyfriend, but then a thought came across her head off how turned own she had been when she had seen Mirage in a latex suit. Jasmine told the picture that she wanted to she a picture of Mirage nude. The magical picture�s surface changed to a picture of Mirage. In the picture Mirage�s face was looking directly toward the viewer. Her eyes had a look of complete control. There was a smile on her lips that was out lined by the dark shade of her purple lipstick. From there the viewers eye flowed the her stream lined shape down her neck stopping briefly at her night colored hair then going down to her breast. Jasmine was amazed when her eye fell on Mirage�s breast. For one thing the breast seam to defy gravity as they stood out proudly on her chest. Next their shape was one that was beyond compare. Where most breasts look like two pears hanging of a woman�s chest these look like two globes that were molded with great detail on to a sculpture. Jasmine is compelled to message her own breast while viewing the work of art before her. Next Jasmine notices the color of Mirage�s fur that seems to metaphor the room�s light into a softer gray color. Still massaging her breast Jasmine moves back and sits on her bed so that she could see the area blow Mirage�s breast better. After looking at Mirages breast Jasmine eye travels down Mirages body the net thin that cachets her eye is the size of Mirages waist. The size is not to small and not so big that Mirage is not easily hugged. As Jasmine got finished looking at mirages waist she moved her eyes on down the picture. Looking in between mirages legs Jasmine could see a strange emerald light emitting from Mirage�s vagina. As Jasmine was looking at this light she heard a voice in he head telling her she could stop messaging her breast. After Jasmine stopped messaging her breast with her hand, she got the strange urge to begin sucking at her breast. Gently cradling one of her breast in her hands Jasmine brought it up to the level of her mouth. Next Jasmine started lick the area around her teats sending little sparks of electricity down her spine. Unable to resist the urge much long Jasmine cupped her mouth around her teat and started to suck. After about a minuet white liquid shot out of Jasmine�s breast and trickled down her throat. As the soothing liquid slid it�s way down jasmine throat Jasmine started to get sleepy. Jasmine lay back on her back staring at the picture of Mirage. Before going to sleep Jasmine ordered the picture to cover Mirage up in a black latex full body suit. As Jasmine watched the picture slowly paint Mirage with a shinny black coating it had a hypnotic effect on her slowly putting her into a deep and dreamless trance.

    "Wake up my dear princess" Mirage cooed to Jasmine "nap time is over and it is time for the trip to my, I mean our lair."

    Jasmine awoke to the familiar sound of her feline foe. "What are you talking about Mirage" Jasmine screamed at Mirage.

    "I am talking about you coming home with me, and if your thinking of calling out for Aladdin or any of the guards don�t bother they�re all fast asleep." Mirage smiled.

    "I don�t have to call out for them I can get up out of this bed and throw you out of the place myself" Jasmine said. After jasmine had said this she struggled in her bed but could not get out.

    "My dear jasmine you should know better than to struggle" Mirage laughed "as amusing as this is you might hurt your self before you big day and I certainly don�t want that. When Mirage had finished saying this her hand started to glow with a crimson light.

    When Jasmine looked down at her at her necklace she noticed that it too was glowing a crimson color. Not only was her new black necklace glowing but it was also expanding. Jasmine could feel rather than see this happing. First she felt the necklace become warm on her neck. Next she felt the sensation of having liquid rubber move up and down her neck. Then she felt the strange stuff move up the side of her face and in to her hair. Since Jasmine was not planning to got to sleep after she had got out of the tube Jasmine had put her hair back up in the pony tail style that she usually wore it in. the effect was that now Jasmine�s hair was being rubberized in the shape of a pony tail. On the lower half of Jasmine�s body the liquid rubber had just finished rubberizing Jasmine�s breast. Now the liquid rubber was creeping it�s way down Jasmine�s body to Jasmine legs forcing Jasmine to bring her legs together. Finally the liquid rubber oozed over Jasmine�s feet and then congealed traping Jasmine in a cocoon made completely out of rubber.

    "Well now Jasmine you�re all packed and ready for the trip home" mirage said smiling " just to be nice I think I�ll let use how you look in your traveling case." Out o nowhere a mirror appeared just above Jasmine. What Jasmine saw was a basically an enormous rubber worm with only her face sticking out. After viewing herself Jasmine felt herself slipping back in to a trance.

    When jasmine next awoke she found herself in a room that was made completely out of gold. As she looked around Jasmine noticed that the rubber cocoon had disappeared. Now Jasmine was in a bed where the sheets were made out of rubber. Jasmine tried to roll over to see if she could move. Luckily she had some success. After realizing that she could get up Jasmine decided to explore the room. Jasmine walked over to the mirror first to see if her physical body had changed any. The only note worthy change was to her necklace and not to her body. Where the necklace had been all black before with nothing on it now there was a gold pendent attached to it that had her name on it.

    Jasmine had just finished exploring the room and was about to go back to be and lay down when she saw a flash of light out of the corner of her eye. Turning round Jasmine saw Mirage standing in front of her nude. Jasmine was hardly able to control her excitement hand the warmth building up in her body. In fact as Jasmine started to walk over to Mirage her vagina started to drip out liquid. When Jasmine reached Mirage they put there arms around each other and kissed passionately. Jasmine explored Mirage�s feline mouth with her tongue. After a few minuets had passed mirage led Jasmine over to the bed. Jasmine got in to the bed first and laid on her back. Instead of jumping right in the bed with Jasmine, Mirage gently ran her hands over Jasmine�s hands and arm. As Mirage got in to the bed Jasmine�s nails tuned to a black color and became more curved. Also white fur started to grow up Jasmine�s arm. Mirage started of by give Jasmine a light kiss on the cheek. After that white fur sprouted on Jasmine�s face. Next Mirage licked the area around Jasmine�s breast with her rough tongue. Jasmine could fell the tongue scraping across her skin and magic go in to her. Also the warmth in her was building up to heat. Next Mirage moved to Jasmine�s breast and began to suck on one of her nipples. Jasmine felt so hot that she had to release something to cool her down so her body reacted by spraying milk out of the nipple that Mirage was sucking on. After swallowing jasmines milk Mirage moved down to Jasmine�s vagina. The white fur Jasmine was growing on her body had already beaten Mirage there. After covering both of Jasmine�s arms and face, the fur had quickly traveled down her both sides of her body and over her breasts to her belly and vagina. Mirage started to lick the inside of Jasmine�s vagina. After all this love making Jasmine couldn�t stand it no more and let the fire that had built up inside her explode out. Mirage was soaked in Jasmine�s cunt. Mirage finished licking up the cunt then through the covers of her and Jasmine and smiled. On Jasmine body the fur had traveled down Jasmine�s leg and over her feet. Her toenails had curved downward to turn her feet into paws. Seeing this Mirage quickly turned Jasmine over. Jasmine yowled in pain as her spine stretched out of her body to form a tail.

    "There my love the change is complete" mirage said "is there any thing that you need"

    Jasmine replied, "I am a little hungry"

    On hearing this Mirage made two mice out of magic energy and let them lose on the floor. Seeing these mice Jasmine jumped out of the bed and ran them in to a corner. Then jasmine took the in her paw and devoured both of them.

    The next thought that came in to Jasmine�s head was "life is purrfecet. Just purrrrfect.