Dragoniade Messages

2/24/2003 - As most of you have noticed by then, there hasn't been any update lately. Mostly, it is because Stonegate and I have been putting all our effort into storing the entire site data into a database for the new look. To be able to have a up-to-date status, and leave us more time to do it, we decided to stop updating until the transition is done. So, be all patient and expect a big update once the new site is ready.
See you all on the next update!

Internet Explorer users now can see Shadowlord logo beside the address bar as they access the site or add it to their favorites!
I am Looking for anybody who are willing to draw my character. If anyone is interested, Please contact me by Email.  Thank You.  Dragoniade

Stonegate Messages
1/26/03 - Well on the poll, the suggestion section was severely abused by a few persons copy and pasting there request several time over and over making over 2000 suggestions of just garbage and some people making stupid requests like I will draw pics witch I don't.  So Dragoniade and I decided to close the suggestion section forever. never to be opened again, since it was the second chance and this time it was more abused than before. so know i will listen to email requests of what to add to the poll, but if i get a person sending me several emails I will press charges of spamming.  so request once per update.

To let people know what Dragoniade has been up too lately since pics have not been done for the new clips or old ones, well Dragoniade has been real busy working on the Version 2 of the site a PHP design, more user friendly and search engine and more easier to find and surf the site.  So be patient to him on his missing presence on the site.  It is nearly finished and just needs us to work on the database for it and it will take time so the site might slow down, so you know now this is the reason for the site slowing down.  and the poll will be a different design on voting so there will be no more use for the suggestion section, so stay tuned to see the new layout when it is done and uploaded.

10/20/02 - Well I hit the limit of space so I took down all the AVI links and cleared them out, and started a drop sheet on only allowing 20 shows to be up at a time.  win I upload the 21st, the oldest gets dropped and has to repeat the cycle of being voted in and then polled winning.  I will not do bonus picks anymore, so it will be down to one winner a week and any really low votes will be  replaced on the poll and the bad voted has to be suggested again. like I stated only shows will be on the poll and not the categories, why? you ask! well most of the categories now are to many files to upload, so shows are the only choice since there are no shows with over 100 TF files on it so i will stick to them plus there are several shows compared to categories, more selection.

9/22/02  -  Well I decided to remodel the look to the media sections, the new layout will make it easier to update once the change over is done.  This is the reason for the major delay plus Dragonaide got back and had pics to add so i moved up the date and got caught behind, the dates will state 9/1/01 cause that was the attended update and i got late. so here are the update features info

the Download button is now the AVI Pic and the MPG pic, when not avaiable to download it will be gray, and when available it will be flashing (Animated).

My Looking for and Want list will soon be filtered in the show lists and catagory section and under File Size it will StateWANTorNEED, stating i know of the TF but need someone to get me a copy of it to add to the site, meaning i only have pics from someone else or another site and need the Vid File of the TF.

The Media by Catagory section is being rearange by the material being better sorted (Proper place to be placed) and now they will be in order of Character Name other than Type and the show title pic is now just plain text for the hard to read or japanese pics along with the few Episode title pics to text also.  so check out the new looks it is at the top while the unchanged TF are at the bottom in the old Tables and will be soon remodeled also

So Bear with me while the changes are completed, and i will be soon adding comic material again, i just scanned some pics from some comics and will add them soon, fo those wanting it updated : )

New Section are being added while i scan the material i have laying around, so watch for new sections on being added : )