Frankenstein Jr.

Name: Alligator, Lion, Elephant, Bear, Ape, Ostrich File: Episode: ?
Type: Growth Res: 320x240 Language: English
Sub: Size: 16.7MB  Date: 3/17/02

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Episode List
Show Title
Original Tape
The Shocking Electrical Monster 
The Spyder Man 
The Menace From The Wax Museum 
The Alien Brain From Outer Space, Part 1 
The Alien Brain From Outer Space, Part 2
UFO. - Unidentified Fiendish Object 
The Unearthly Plant Creatures 
The Deadly Living Images
The Colossal Junk Monster 
The Incredible Aqua Monster 
The Gigantic Ghastly Genie
The Birdman 
The Invasion Of The Robot Creatures 
The Manchurian Menace
The Mad Monster Maker 
The Monstermobile 
The Pilfering Putty Monster
The Spooktaculars