Heckle and Jeckle Cartoon Show

Name: Dog File: Episode: ?
Type: Inflation Res: 320x240 Language: English
Sub: Air Size: 2.81MB Date: 8/11/02

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Character List
Episode List
Show Title
Original Tape
The Talking Magpies
The Uninvited Pests
McDougal's Rest Farm
Happy Go Lucky
Cat Trouble
The Intruders
Flying South
Fishing by the Sea
The Super Salesman
The Hitch Hikers
Taming the Cat
A Sleepless Night
Magpie Madness
Free Entertainment
Out Again, In Again
Goony Golfers
The Power of Thought
The Lion hunt
The Stowaways
Happy Landing
Hula Hula Land
Dancing Shoes
The Fox Hunt
A Merry Chase
King Tut's Tomb
The Rival Romeos
Bulldozing the Bull
The Rainmaker
Steeple Jacks
Sno' Fun
Movie Madness
Off to the Opera
Moose on the Loose
Hair Cut-Ups
Pill Peddlers
Ten Pin Terrors
Bargain Daze
Log Rollers
Blind Date
Satisfied Customers
Blue Plate Symphony
Pirate's Gold
Miami Maniacs
Wild Life
Thousand Mile Checkup
Mint Men
Trapeze Please
Deep Sea Doodle
Stunt Men 
Sappy New Year 
Messed Up Movie Makers