Special important notice

I am now using a new driver to compress my avi files to more smaller.  After an experiment I noticed that you can hear the file but not see it unless you get the driver.  I will post the file here and give you instrunctions on how to install it and believe me it is easy, you will need a unzip program to extract it.

Step 1 - Click here to download the file or click here for the driver for the mac

Step 2 - unzip the file to somewhere.

Step 3 - Click and open the File called register_divx.exe

Step 4 - after that the driver is now installed and running.  (Need to reboot to get the driver working)

*Note*  You must also have the new verion of Microsoft Media Player ( or Better).  That what i got and it works.

All future avi of the week and requests will be a compressed file with this driver, so get the driver and install it, the files will still be avi and now compressed.