All characters in this are copyrighted by whoever makes Ninja Turtles. This follows the TV timeline, but without Dreg, Carter, or the Super-Mutant Turtles.

The Return of the Cat Women from Channel Six

Rat King was wandering around deep in the sewers, planning world domination. Suddenly, he saw a few vials of some mysterious substance. He picked them up and looked at them. They were vials of Ooze. He gasped. Then he got an idea. He called all his rats for a meeting. All his loyal rats that is, Splinter is more trouble than he is worth, and that unstable mutagen he used on Irma and Vernon PROBABLY wore off.

Rat King began, "My loyal subjects, I have a plan to get at least some of the world. We really only need a country. Well, it would be a start anyway. I will give Shredder some vials of Ooze I found, and trade them for a country. What shall I get?" The rats all began squeaking and chittering. Rat King counted the votes. Italy won. Rat king then laughed. It is time to meet Shredder.

Rat King, after having located it, approached Shredder’s hideout. It was a abandoned warehouse, since the Technodrome was stuck in Dimension X. A Foot Clan Soldier, also now as a Foot, was guarding the door. The Foot pulled out his gun when Rat King approached.

The Foot asked, "Who goes there."

Rat King laughed, "I am the Rat King. I have come to offer Shredder THESE." He pulled out the vials of Ooze. The Foot gasped, rushed into the fortress, rushed out, and ushered Rat King in.

Inside, Shredder was sitting on a throne. It looked like it was plastic. Shredder boomed, "Why are you here, Rat King. My loyal soldier mentioned something about Ooze."

Rat King responded, "Yes, I am willing to offer the Ooze in exchange for Italy."

Shredder asked, confused, "Italy?"

Rat King laughed, "Yes, Italy. We both plan to rule the world, so I decided to tone down my plans. When you rule the world, I want to have Italy. That is all."

Shredder thought, "Hmmm. I really don’t need Italy, and I can always betray Rat King later." He said, "Okay."

Shredder scribbled something on a piece of paper. He handed it to Rat King. It said, "I owe you Italy. Signed, Shredder." Rat King then handed Shredder the Ooze. Rat King left, and Shredder began to laugh evilly, as his plan was fully formed in his head.

Shredder prepared to call Krang on the inter-dimensional communicator, since Krang was still trapped in Dimension X. Just then, the communicator activated.

Krang yelled, "Shredder, I have a plan give the Technodrome enough power to send it to Earth. I need a diamond. Even a small one. I have discovered a way to turn diamonds into a incredible amount of energy."

Shredder responded, "I will get a diamond, but I have some news for you. I have some Ooze. Can you replicate it to produce more Ooze."

Krang responded, "Of course. But I need a diamond to power the Replicator. That means I need two diamonds."

Shredder responded, "But where will I get two diamonds."

Just then, Bebop walked in. He yelled, "Boss, I robbed a jewelry store and got us a ton of diamonds." Shredder smiled. This is becoming painfully easy.

After sending the diamonds and Ooze to Krang, Shredder began part two of his master plan. He called in Bebop and Rocksteady. He yelled, "Bebop, Rocksteady, I have a job for you two. If you pull this off, I will give you the Hawaiian Islands, instead of just one island."

Bebop responded, "What is it you want us to do."

Shredder responded, "I need you to rob Sadaam Hussein’s secret storage of chemical missiles. They are in his secret missile storage container. It is at this location. I need to fill them with a secret substance." Bebop and Rocksteady went off to get the missiles. Shredder’s plan was proceeding perfectly.

Meanwhile, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were watching TV. Splinter was meditating. Suddenly, Splinter detected the fact that Shredder’s evil plans were working perfectly. He called in the Turtles, and said, "Turtles, Shredder has sent Bebop and Rocksteady to steal chemical missiles from Sadaam Hussein.

Leonardo gasped, "Sadaam has chemical missiles? I did not know that."

Splinter interrupted, "You must go and stop Bebop and Rocksteady."

Donatello interrupted, "I have the perfect vehicle. I made the Turtle Chopper. It will take us to Iraq quickly."

Splinter interrupted, "Do not waste time. GO!"

At the missile storage site, Bebop and Rocksteady had just finished loading the last of the missiles onto a rail designed to transport them to Shredder, when the Ninja Turtles burst through a window. Leonardo yelled, "Stop right there Bebop and Rocksteady. You are not sending those missiles to Shredder." Rocksteady pressed the button and sent them to Shredder.

Bebop then yelled, "Rocksteady, the Turtles! Let’s get ‘em!" Bebop and Rocksteady rushed to face the Turtles. Donatello simply took one step forwards, one step to the side, held out his bo, and knocked them unconscious. The Turtles then left to tell Splinter the bad news.

Meanwhile, at the Technodrome, which has returned to Earth, Shredder was impatient. He had the missiles, but where were Bebop and Rocksteady? He then saw, on the news, that Iraqi officials had captured two mutants. One looked like a rhino, and the other looked like a warthog. Shredder groaned. He sent the order to bail out Bebop and Rocksteady. Then, his inter-dimensional communicator turned on. Krang said, "Shredder, I have the replicated Ooze you wanted. It is just as good as normal Ooze. What do you want it for?"

Shredder laughed, "You will see. It is all part of my master plan. It ends with me, I mean us, taking over the world. It will be revealed, later."

Krang sighed, and turned off the communicator. The Ooze then came through the inter-dimensional portal. Then, Bebop and Rocksteady came in. Shredder yelled to them, "Bebop, Rocksteady, I need you to kidnap, again." Bebop and Rocksteady then went off to kidnap April.

Meanwhile, April was at the zoo doing a live report on tigers. She was in front of the tiger cage interviewing the zookeeper on his tiger. She asked, "Is the tiger, dangerous?"

The zookeeper laughed, "No, this tiger was raised in the zoo. She’s perfectly harmless. You can even pet her if you like." He opened the cage and ushered April in. She began petting the tiger. The zookeeper continued, "She is actually one of your biggest fans. She even learned how to use a TV remote to change a nearby TV to Channel Six.’ April laughed.

Suddenly, Bebop and Rocksteady ran in, knocked April out, kidnapped her, and ran out, leaving only a stunned zookeeper and a disappointed tiger. The Turtles, who were watching on TV, quickly ran to the Turtle Van to assault Shredder and rescue April.

Meanwhile, Bebop and Rocksteady took April to the Technodrome, and gave her to Shredder. Shredder then laughed. He asked, "Do you have April’s Camera." Bebop responded positively. Shredder laughed, "Good." He then pulled out a container of Ooze. He then yelled, "Now, I will reveal my plan. I have filled the missiles with Ooze and have prepared to launch them all over the world. Now, turn the camera on."

Bebop turned the camera on. Shredder announced to all who were watching Channel Six, "I am Shredder. I want you to give me the world. Unless you do, I will send chemical missiles that I stole from Sadaam Hussein to every hemisphere of the planet. They are filled with Ooze. If you doubt me. Allow me to demonstrate the missiles and the power of the Ooze." The missiles appeared behind him. Shredder continued, "And behold the power of the Ooze." He dumped a container of Ooze on April.

April, who was unconscious, began to sprout fur. It was orange with black stripes. Her hands became more paw like, and she gained claws. She gained a tail. Her shoes burst as feet turned into paws, and sprouted claws. Her number of toes changed to three on each foot, and her number of fingers changed to four on each hand. Her fur on her chest, fingers, and toes was white. Her pants knees broke, her ears became cat ears, she gained a small muzzle, and her eyeteeth became fangs. April has been turned into a tiger woman!

Shredder announced, "This is the fate of all who oppose me. Now I will inject her with this control serum." He held up a syringe. He continued, "There is no one who can stop me." Then the Turtles, who had been watching the entire thing on TV, sent their van barreling through the wall of the Technodrome. They tried to get there earlier, but they were just too slow.

Shredder yelled, "TURTLES! NO! Bebop, Rocksteady, GET THEM!" Bebop and Rocksteady jumped forwards to battle the Turtles. Fortunately, they did not see the piece of rock that was on the floor. They were knocked unconscious. Shredder gasped, "No! I will have to handle this myself." He then downed a vial of Ooze.

Shredder then changed into Super-Shredder. He yelled a evil yell, and ran at the Turtles. He, also, missed the rock. Actually, he hit it. He was knocked unconscious, and reverted to normal Shredder. Ooze is unstable when swallowed. The Ninja Turtles picked April, Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady up, and took them all to the hideout, after destroying the missiles and vaporizing the Ooze.

At the hideout, April woke up. She did not feel good. She could not remember much. She remembered getting kidnapped by Shredder, but that was the last thing she remembered. She thought that she must have been unconscious. Just then, Leonardo walked in. He said, "April, are you okay. We rescued you from Shredder."

April responded, "I’m fine. Why do you ask?"

Leonardo responded, "Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we stopped Shredder’s evil plan to transform you into a tiger, put you under permanent mind control, then turn the entire world into mutant slaves."

April asked, "What’s the bad news?" She then looked at her hand. She then answered her own question, "Not again. You stopped it after step one was complete."

Leonardo responded, "Good news is that he did not put you under mind control. Bad news is that he used Ooze."

April groaned, "Which means the transformation is permanent."

Leonardo continued, "Good news is that we have even better disguises. You could disguise yourself as human April. Bad news is that Shredder broadcast your transformation on national TV."

April groaned, "That means everyone knows I am a tiger."

Leonardo responded, "But at least you are better looking this time, and you are thinking normally."

April thought and said, "True, but I would need the story of the century, which also proved that mutants are not evil, to keep my job." She checked her watch. She continued, "At least I have thirty minutes to get it."

Just then the Mighty Mutanimals walked in. Ray said, "Hey, we were just passing through. Heard what happened to April. Sorry for you."
April said, "You may have just saved my life as April. Where is Shredder?"
Leonardo responded, "Tied up in a makeshift jail here. Why do you…OH!"

April smiled, "Time for the interview of the century. Long delayed, but finally happening. Hey, where is Splinter?"

Leonardo responded, "Outside. After what happened last time, he does not want to take any chances."

April revealed, "Well get him, it is time for April O’Neil to interviews the turtles, the mutanimals, and their enemies."

After her interview, she called her boss, Vernon. She asked, "Did you like my interview." Vernon said yes. April asked, "Do I keep my job?"
Vernon responded, "No. It would take one million letters sent to my house in the next twenty-four hours to keep me from firing you. Of course, they would have to be from fans who wanted you to stay.

The next day, Vernon opened his door to see one million letters sent by fans. They all wanted him to rehire April. He rehired April. Also, the Turtles found their reputations increased to the level of heroes, instead of hated and feared. Unfortunately, Shredder escaped jail. This meant that the Turtles could still have adventures, but they could throw away the trench coats.

The End