Transformation Pic/Story Ideas

In the list below, is my Idea's for artists to draw.  If you need more pictures to help to draw the pic, give a email or message and I will help out.  If you do draw some pics from my ideas, send me a scan of it and I will post it in a new section off this list to show it and if you don't want to show it I will like to see anyway.  Some pics might have been in comics or been drawn before,  I just want to see others or to be drawn by artists.  There might be a pic already shown, but I want several peoples pics to broaden the many different views of each TF.

If you want summit your ideas and I will post them.

Topic Ideas

If you want to see an idea of yours posted here, email me with it and i will add it.
I am open for new ideas and if you have a pic I can use as a reference pic, please send.
Character Victim/Outcome List
-Has every Character under Letter Catagory
-This list is a list of people for your own ideas on what to do between people changing into them or them Changing, Your Choice.
My TF Idea List
-My list made up of TF drawings i want to see done.
-These can be used for the contest.
- You can add me to all the topics below
-Let me see what you can do to me and send in you pics or story of me in one of these many topics, get creative and have fun : )
Age Progression/Regression
# Done-3
Animal Characters into Mutants
# Done-30
Breast Enlargement
Character into Animal
# Done-65
Character into Another Character
# Done-15
Characters Merged
# Done-13
# Done-11
Human Characters into Furry/Mutant
# Done-24
Humanoid Animal Characters Devolved
# Done-2
# Done-39
# Done-14
Muscle Inflation
# Done-23
Random People into a Character
# Done-12
# Done-11

Misc. Stories

 And Shalt Be What Thou Art Promised….
-By: Jason Riches
-Lady Macbeth into a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Gilligan's Island
-By: Ted Lausman
-Ginger into a Donkey, Marianne into a Seal
Lara's Last Tomb Raid
-By: Toolman19
-Lara Croft into Humanoid Elephant Herm
*Adult Material*
Of Mice and Turtles
-By: Greg Rutter
-Rat King, April O'Neil, Irma into Were-Rats
Web Power
-By: Mark Costner
-April into Were-Spider