Name: Stonegate Shadowlord
Real Name: Same as Above
Aliases: Unknown
Race: Grand Werewolf
Age: ?
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1" (Human Form)  9'4" (Werewolf Form)
Weight: 214(Human Form)  565 (Werewolf Form)
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Other Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of Wolf Paw on Face Behind Right Eye
Current Occupation: Owner and Ruler of Shadowlord Empire
Marital Status: Married to Cy-Blade Shadowlord
Known Relatives: Many Sons and Daughters
Known Allies:
Major Enimies: Sir Garou III (Leader of the America Silver Fangs)
Usual Base of Opperations: Shadowlord Inc. Headquarters (New York)
Current Group Membership: The Dark Hand
Fighting Skills: Kailando, And many Fighting Styles
Abilities: Grand Master of Dark Sorcery and Swordsmanship, Master of all Werewolf Gifts, Immortal.
Personal Weaponry: The Dark Hold (Grand Ancient Sword)
Special Weaponry: Many
Special Equipment: The Power Gauntlet
Transportation: Personalized Limo
Stonegate is known out through history as a tyrant and overlord.  He ruled many lands secretly and his past is unknown to the world.  He is feared through the Garou World and is never messed with.  10 Years ago Stonegate and his Dark Hand overtaken a Glasswalker empire in New York and Made it into Shadowlord Inc.  He is using the business angle to hide his plans to conquer the world and drive the humanrace to its knees and then do with them as he wants.