Others Idea List


Batman Beyond

  • Ace into Anthro 
  • Terry into (a good) Anthro Bat 
  • Dana into a Anthro Cheetah 
  • Matt into a Anthro Wolf 
  • Max into any Anthro 

Beast Wars

  • Airrazor into a Human 
  • Tigertron into a Human 
  • Airrazor look in Beast Manchines (both Beast and Robot Forms) 
  • Tigertron look in Beast Manchines (both Beast and Robot Forms) 

Captian Planet and the Planeteers

  • The Planeteers into Animal (or favorite animal) from the country they're from 
  • Planeteers into Anthro (or favorite animal) animal from the country they're from 


  • Needle into Anthro 
  • Grey Wolf into a wolf 

D. C. Comics

  • Jimmy Olsen into any animal 
  • Jimmy Olsen into any Anthro 
  • Supergirl into any animal 
  • Supergirl into any Anthro 
  • Batgirl into any animal 
  • Batgirl into any Anthro 
  • Robin into any animal 
  • Robin into any Anthro 


  • Felicia into a cat 
  • Jon Talbain into a Human 
  • Rikuo into a Human 
  • Harry Grimoire into a catman (like Felicia) 
  • Harry into a werewolf 
  • Harry into a merman (like Rikuo) 
  • Harry into a young adult 


  • What would Rika look like if she was turned into a DigiMon? 


  • The Good Dinosaucers into Humans 


  • Paur into a Human 
  • Pan into a Giant Ape 
  • Dende into a young adult 
  • Yamcha into a wolf 

Flint, the Time Detective

  • Getalong Evolved 
  • Terry Evolved 


  • Elisa Age Regression 
  • Elisa into a cat 
  • Matt Bluestone into a Gargoyle 
  • Matt Bluestone Age Regression 
  • Cagney into Anthro 
  • Cagney into a Cat Gargoyle 
  • Cagney into Anthro Cat Gargoyle 
  • Cagney into a Human 

Gundam Wing

  • Gundam Wing Pliots into any Animal 
  • Gundam Wing Pliots into any Anthro 

Johnny Quest

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice

  • King Arthur and the Knights into the animals on their shields (if a shield bears no animal, use yout imagination) 
  • King Arthur and the Knights into Anthro versions of the animals on their shields (use your imagination if a shield bears no animal) 

The Little Mermaid

  • Eric into a Merman 
  • Max into a Merdog 

Mighty Ducks

  • The Mighty Ducks into Humans 

Mighty Max

  • Max into any Animal 
  • Max into any Anthro 
  • Max into a young adult 

Mummies Alive

  • Presly into a young adult 
  • Presly into a cat 
  • Ja-Kal into a falcon 
  • Ja-Kal into an Anthro falcon 
  • Rath into a cobra 
  • Rath into an Anthro cobra 
  • Armon into a ram 
  • Armon into an Anthro ram 
  • Nefer-tina into a cat 
  • Nefer-tina into an Anthro cat 
  • Kahti into Anthro 
  • Kahti into a Human 


  • Misty into a Seel 
  • All the PokeMon into Anthro.  Both a male and female of the PokeMon type, unless stated; if not,  um. . .use your imagination 

Power Rangers

  • Any season Power Ranger into the animal they represents (If the Power Ranger didn't have an animal, use yout imagination) 
  • Any season Power Ranger into Anthro versions the animal they represents (same as above if the Ranger didn't have an animal) 

Ranma 1/2

  • Akane into a boy 

Ronin Warriors

  • The Ronin Warriors into any animal 
  • Ronin Warriors into any Anthro 
  • Ronin Warriors into PokeMon 
  • Ronin Warriors into Anthro PokeMon 
  • White Blaze into Anthro 
  • White Blaze into a Human 

Sabrina, the Animated Series

  • Sabrina into a Cat 
  • Chloe into any animal 
  • Pi into any animal 
  • Harvely into any animal 

Sailor Moon

  • The Inner and Outer Scouts into any Anthro 
  • Inner and Outer Scouts into PokeMon 
  • Inner and Outer Scouts into Anthro PokeMon 


  • Zelgadiss into Human 


  • Tenchi into a cabbit 
  • Sasami into a cabbit 
  • Ken-ohki into Anthro (Child form) 
  • Ken-ohki into Anthro (Young Adult form) 
  • Ken-okki into giant mecha cabbit 
  • Kiyone into a cabbit 
  • Sakuya into a cabbit 


  • Lynxo, Pumyra, Bengali Age Regression 
  • WilyKit and Wily(Bobby)Kat into Adults 

Weiss Kruez

  • Weiss Kruez members into their code names -cats, or into any animal 
  • Weiss Kruez members into Anthro versions of their code names -cats, or into any Anthro 
  • Weiss Kruez members into PokeMon 
  • Weiss Kruez memebers into Anthro PokeMon 


  • X-Men members into any Anthro