Most Common Asked Questions

These Question keep coming up and are pesting me, so i will put them here and answer them for all so you all will stop asking the same questions.
Can you Email me a file? NO, I stop emailing files do to majority of them always get sent back by the email providers, because of size restrictions, plus they take forever to email the file and then takes longer to recieve it back as a denied email.
Can I get a file that is on the Avi of the Week Poll? NO, to make the poll a fair contest i will deny all requests on files that are on the Avi of the Week Poll.
I got your file off your website and I only get sound, how do you get the picture or make it work? Well I am using a special Driver known as Divx, to compress them all to fit on my hard drive.  So get the file Here and follow the step there to make it work.  If you have a Mac (And you wonder why i hate them)  well you are your own, they are very touchy systems and i don't have a Mac so look around for info on that.
Why aren't you uploading the pics to the newly added avi's? Well i am a very busy person, other than working on my website I do hold a full time job, and if it is summer, i am also out with my freinds/family enjoying the perfect weather.  When i get more time, i will start adding the pics.
Can I purchase some of your Episodes? NO, I only Trade, I trade copies of my episodes in a trade.  I can not sell or make a profit on them to keep this site open and to avoid Copyright Laws.
How do you get a File to end up on the Poll? Well when i notice a popularity in a file i will add it the poll for voting to be uploaded.
Can you Make or Have the Episode as a Avi File? NO, I do not make Episode Vids, only Clips and Scenes from them, but not the Whole episode, Do note this Site is not Cartoon Episode Archive, but a TF site, i will make clips and scenes of people TF but not the Whole damn Episode, I do not have the Space or Software to do it.
Can you make more Mpegs or other files? NO I only make Avi files cause they are the only things that works well on my comp, I hate Quicktime and Real Player, they always run slow and cut off before the file finishes.
Why some Items are Marked as NEW and nothing there? Well sometime the info is changed or a link to the avi is added or the Tf listed is added as Reference on what i have gotten recently and until the pics or vis is added/uploaded.